Automate your off-boarding and reduce customer churn.

Uncover product improvements and save customers before they cancel.

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Increase revenue by optimising your churn metrics.

Experiment with your off-boarding flow to reduce your customer churn.

Build products your  customers will love.

Collect, organise & analyse detailed feedback to better prevent future cancellations.

Save resources by reducing load on your support team

Automatically handle all feedback collection, applying offers and cancellations.


Build the perfect off-boarding experience. No coding required.

Quickly create, customise and launch a guided cancellation experience in your product.


Provide compelling alternatives to cancelling.

Offer assistance when it matters most. Guide users to a plan that’s better suited to their needs or embed personalised help articles.

Provide support, right when your customers need it.

Provide inline support to your customers. Pre-empt potential issues they may have with your product/service and solve them before the leave.


Find out what your customers really think.

Understand the why behind every cancellation. Use data from your cancellation flow to prioritise your roadmap and reduce future cancellations.


Sam King

Founder |

"Garnio has allowed us to create an on-going conversation with our cancelling users. We've discovered that 70% of the reasons people were cancelling could be managed or fixed".


Reduction in voluntary Churn

Sam King

Founder |

£2k +

Saved every month with Garnio

Cut through the noise.

    Reveal cancellation trends, identify customer pain points and optimise your churn.

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