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Reduce churn and give back to your customers during COVID-19.

We're gifting any subscription business completely free access to our automated COVID-19 cancellation pages - allowing your customers to take a cancellation offer, instead of churning.

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Save resources by reducing load on your support team

Automatically handle all feedback collection, applying offers and cancellations.

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Get set up in 4 simple steps.

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Link billing provider

Garnio will be able to automate your off-boarding actions such as cancelling subscriptions and applying discounts.

Select your offer

Select (and customise) the offer you would like to show users when they attempt to cancel due to Covid-19 related reasons.

Embed into your platform / website

Use our drop in script to get embed your cancellation page in under 5 minutes and in two simple steps.

Start saving customers

Save customers and monitor your cancellation flow with Garnio's dashboards and analytics.

Help your customers in a time of need.

Using our self-service cancellation page, your customers can take an offer instead of ending their subscription.

Your site, your brand.

Your users feel at home in your cancellation page. Easily customize the design to match your brand.

Great teams use Garnio

One click integrations.

Making cancellations frictionless. At Ganio, we deeply understand subscriptions, compliance, security and churn. We bring simplicity to a complex, everyday, problem.

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